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    Healthy Watersheds, Healthy Communities

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Working Waters is a science-based initiative dedicated to ensuring safe water for whole ecosystems: people, plants, and animals. We partner with water managers and other stakeholders to research, plan, incentivize, and implement actionable strategies to heal damaged habitat and protect healthy landscapes.

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Request for Proposals

The Drinking Water Providers Partnership issues an annual solicitation for projects that will benefit native fish habitat and improve water quality for a public drinking water system in Oregon or Washington.

Learn more about the process and view previous funded projects here.


Working Waters is committed to restoring nature’s ability to provide safe water for our families, our communities, and our environments.

Working Waters:

  • Are resilient in the face of climate change
  • Provide for people, wildlife, and future generations
  • Take advantage of natural processes to reduce dependence on expensive infrastructure
  • Are a lynchpin of healthy ecosystems
Current Initiative

Current Initiative

Our Source Water program helps municipalities that rely on surface water to capitalize on the world’s most sophisticated engineer: nature. Unlike conventional water system infrastructure like dams and chemicals, functioning natural landscapes can provide clean, plentiful drinking water in ways that save money while generating additional benefits, like improved fish runs and flood control.

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Past Initiative

Past Initiative

From 2005 to 2015, Freeways for Fish successfully restored fish access to 1,200 miles of the Rogue River and its tributaries in southwest Oregon. Native fauna are now better prepared for changes in water availability due to climate change, while local residents are enjoying more reliable stream and river flow, healthier landscapes, and the knowledge that their grandchildren will be able to fish, hike, and boat in the same waterways they know and love.

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