Tonya Graham, MA, Executive Director

TonyaGraham 2016 cropIn addition to the strategic planning, program supervision, and management tasks in her role as Executive Director, Tonya Graham has taken a lead role in developing the concept of Whole Community Adaptation that integrates the needs of human and natural communities while creating co-benefits across sectors. She and her team have created the ClimateWise planning framework, which helps community leaders understand likely future conditions, determine vulnerabilities, and develop responsible strategies to address them.

Tonya serves on the Policy Affinity Group of the American Society of Adaptation Professionals as well as the Project Advisory Committee for Community-Based Adaptation in the United States: Understanding How and Why Communities are Taking Action. She served as the Fundraising Chair for the 2013 National Adaptation Forum. In 2012 she co-organized the Practitioners Workshop on Climate Change Adaptation: Integrated Strategies for Human and Natural Communitieswith the Kresge Foundation. As a member of the ClimateWise team, Tonya has helped communities adapt to changing climate conditions in Oregon, California and Montana with new projects coming online in Alabama, Mississippi, Alaska, and Florida.

Tonya holds a B.S. in Biophysical Environmental Studies from Northland College and a M.A. in Community Development from Goddard College. Tonya serves as Treasurer of the Board of Directors of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.


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